Oh NO! I forgot to…….5 things you might not think about before your big day.

So many details!  So many things to remember.  For all brides, the wedding day can be full of things to remember and adding even more might seem like just another task.  But remembering a few things more might just make the day easier and more fun in the long run.  So here are 5 items you might not be thinking about today but wish you had after the wedding.

#1.  Safety pins.  Our bridal consultant tells us that she has never done a wedding without needing at least 1 safety pin.  Pins can be used to repair small rips in fabric, add a bow to the decor, fix a droopy bra strap, reattach a button, fix a special piece of jewelry, tuck away a peeping undergarment, hold a belt, or keep a shoe from falling off.  Best way to remember a safety pin?  Attach a couple to the inside hem of your dress and they will always be with you when you need them.

#2.  Padded hanger.  When the photographer wants that dress shot before you put on your dress, who wants to look at a metal or plastic hanger in the picture?  Sometime before the actual day, replace that ugly hanger with a pretty padded hanger and your photos will be so much better.  Your photographer will thank you too!

#3.  Allergies.  If you know of any allergies in your wedding party or guests, tell your caterer about them in advance.  The caterer can usually adopt dishes or label dishes so you or your guests won’t have a bad reaction right there on the dance floor.  Remember the old saying,  “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

#4.  The After Party.  No, not where you will be going to continue the party but WHO will be responsible for taking the important things home that you cannot.  Cleaning up means gathering your flowers, gifts, leftover cake and food, decoration items, guest book, lost and found items, ring boxes, clothing, and other meaningful things that won’t fit into the horse and carriage that takes you away.  Make sure the people you ask to do this important task have adequate transportation to carry the items safely and will not be planning to also carpool other guests  (there won’t be room in the car!)  Also consider people who plan to stay to the end of the party (hard to take home centerpieces while the guests are still eating) and who will not be impaired by drinking and driving.

#5.  Attitude.  Yes, YOUR attitude.  The most important item to bring to your wedding is the happy feeling about the reason you are coming in the first place….to marry the person you love.  That will put a big smile on your face and make you a gracious host.  The details have been planned, the weather can’t be changed and all your guests are coming for you.  So SMILE and let your vendors do the job for which they were hired and enjoy your day.

And one last thing, maybe #6, something you have heard before but is worth repeating:  Eat Something on your wedding day.  Have breakfast or lunch or brunch before you leave your house on the big day.  Your diet is over for the day; whatever you eat today will not affect the fit of your wedding clothes so have something substantial before you start the party.  The stress and excitement of the day will really wear you down if you have no fuel to combat the stress.

Gluten Free weddings






Recently, many people have discovered that going gluten free helps them to feel better.  In some cases, medical issues require gluten free menus.  Carriage House Catering, our in-house caterer for the Whitlock Inn will be happy to work with you if you have some dietary restrictions.  While our kitchen is not entirely gluten-free, most items can be made gluten free.   For example, crab cakes can be made using substitute flours.  Rice crackers can be substituted for wheat crackers for most appetizer items.  Fried foods can be coated in cornstarch instead of flour before frying.  Even your wedding cake can be gluten free from us for a small additional charge  or we also recommend Gluten Free Cutie, a bakery that can produce cakes and cupcakes gluten free.  When you meet with our caterer, feel free to discuss your choices with them and let them know about allergies and other requirements.  The Whitlock Inn wants your wedding to be happy for everybody and everybody’s tummy!

Carrying your Wedding Bouquet

When you get ready to carry your bouquet down the aisle, many wedding professionals will remind the bride to carry her bouquet low.  Why?  Check out these two photos showing the bride carrying the bouquet low and high.  Carrying your bouquet low will show off the bodice of your dress and allow the groom to see your radiant smile without flower interference.


October 2013 lewis 116 October 2013 lewis 115

Christmas at the Whitlock Inn

The Whitlock Inn is looking very special these days as the ladies have been decorating the Inn for the Holidays.  Red and gold abound!  Each detail tells the story of the love and care that the staff at the Whitlock Inn feels for the Inn.  Imagine having your wedding or party in the midst of such delight.  Schedule a visit during December so you can enjoy the decorations. 

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