Signs for your wedding

How about a clever way to communicate with your guests in a do-it-yourself project?  Handmade signs are very popular at weddings now.  Here at the Whitlock Inn, we have had several weddings with great signs.  The following photos are some samples to get your creative juices flowing.  Happy crafting!

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Napkin Fold Choices

Many brides like to plan all of the aspects of their wedding decor, right down to the napkin fold for placement on the tables.  Here are some examples of the folds available at the Whitlock Inn for your napkins.  Each one gives your table a different “look” and might be perfect for you.  Decisions, decisions!  What fun it is to plan a wedding…down to the smallest detail.


napkin folds 015 napkin folds 012 napkin folds 009 napkin folds 004 napkin folds 001

Favorite Favors

Wedding favors are often a difficult choice for the bride who wants to personalize her wedding day.  Here are some examples of our favorite wedding favors chosen by our brides.

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Incorporate your colors in a  simple favor of candy tied with a bow



603757_10151564119273770_261301753_n 579261_10150764558833770_388931238_n 579243_10150792177588770_1691395861_n 578464_10150773445278770_1867221040_n

Koozies allow you to personalize.



 557817_10151234368813770_1190028447_n 556887_10151283073838770_1426548028_n  549421_10151408649528770_467660173_n 540361_10151103560443770_1065355515_n 539249_10151103560113770_1549218888_n 531285_10150773444653770_710985469_n 527775_10150982232883770_1461942289_n 524751_10151554819383770_939462685_nCandy tables are always a hit. 423568_10151103560303770_587627443_n 420137_10151103560383770_1711079125_n 419268_10150642171633770_482865813_n

Yummy individual pies on a stick.



417872_10151554819393770_1114042596_n 382520_10150991208973770_278663280_n 382505_10151649557673770_210314054_n 380547_10151115084238770_210801140_n 379573_10151601587173770_192063033_n 295151_10150727160183770_944533548_n 264922_10151103563918770_1128820593_n 248164_10151587086003770_1439504325_n

When 2 pharmacists get married, what could be better than candy pills?

181405_10150953765083770_1798494896_n 77168_10151529290043770_1379127192_n 62324_10151511633423770_1838835392_n 45327_10150912461688770_383401390_n 45126_10151283051208770_1632748938_n 45108_10151283076798770_1229255638_n 5593_10151641305428770_1499718939_nA Welsh love spoon is a special favor for a couple from Wales.


When the weather heats up– folks start calling to talk about their company’s Christmas party.   Sometimes, I find it is hard when it’s 80 or 90 degrees outside to talk about Eggnog and Gingerbread, but I do love thinking about Chrismas decor.  Here is a few shots of the Inn in December. I cannot stop thinking about what I am going to add this year.  Two years ago we added the Christmas ball tree and last year we added twinke light out back and twinkle lights to the gazebo— this year– hmmm…. I have already got ideas floating in my head. 

 1+19167845_10151283051348770_496597851_n 381981_10151300869278770_975052272_n 537565_10151300865573770_889072944_n December 2011 decor 025  December 2011 decor 020 December 2011 decor 012 December 2011 decor 029December 2011 decor 011 December 2011 decor 010 December 2011 decor 007 December 2012 011 - Copy December 2012 023 December 2012 020 December 2012 019 December 2012 018 December 2012 016 December 2012 015 december 2011 015 december 2011 012 december 2011 011 december 2011 008 december 2011 007 december 2011 003 december 2011 001 december 2011 029 december 2011 034 december 2011 033 december 2011 032 december 2011 031 december 2011 030 december 2011 028 december 2011 026 december 2011 020 december 2011 017 december 2011 016 december 2011 014 december 2011 012 december 2011 009 Christmas 007

Now Filming

burt_reynolds1-955x1024 Burt Reynolds is filming in Marietta and the Inn might pop up in the background scenes.  How fun!  We have be involved in lots of fun projects and I wanted to post some behind the scenes that have occured here at The Whitlock Inn

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Bravo’s Tabatha’s Salon Takeover

bravo 007 bravo 004 cnn 010 cnn 007 cnn 006 cnn 005 cnn 004 cnn 003 cnn 002

CNN”s Robin Meade


cnn 001 067 Actor- Denis Haysburt

movie 007 movie 006 movie 005  Filming of Margaret Mitchellmovie 004 movie 003 movie 002


movie 001 david keith 001Actor- David Keith