Gluten Free weddings






Recently, many people have discovered that going gluten free helps them to feel better.  In some cases, medical issues require gluten free menus.  Carriage House Catering, our in-house caterer for the Whitlock Inn will be happy to work with you if you have some dietary restrictions.  While our kitchen is not entirely gluten-free, most items can be made gluten free.   For example, crab cakes can be made using substitute flours.  Rice crackers can be substituted for wheat crackers for most appetizer items.  Fried foods can be coated in cornstarch instead of flour before frying.  Even your wedding cake can be gluten free from us for a small additional charge  or we also recommend Gluten Free Cutie, a bakery that can produce cakes and cupcakes gluten free.  When you meet with our caterer, feel free to discuss your choices with them and let them know about allergies and other requirements.  The Whitlock Inn wants your wedding to be happy for everybody and everybody’s tummy!